Freezing bulbs: Duration vs. low temperature

Tue, 15 Jan 2013 12:20:12 PST
Thank you for that informative and encouraging discussion of bulb response to freezing. 
Yes in my garden the A. belladonna and Z. aethiopica this morning were as you describe. 
The fleece I used is more fluffy than what is sold as row cover and does not have a plastic side. It is about 1/4 inch thick.
That is fascinating to think of genes retaining features which evolved in a different climate and have not been of use to the plant for a geologic eon! 

One more observation from my garden: 
I had been washing sand in a large tub last weekend. This is the most fast-draining sand, Si grade #12. During the freezes, each morning I found the top inch of sand was frozen solid. I use this very coarse sand as a top coat over seeds. I think the lesson here is not to water the seeds for several days before a freeze. (Not to worry this year, as all the seed pots I brought inside. But I do plan to seed some direct-sown outdoors next year.)

- Gastil
Santa Barbara, California, where tomorrow is forecast only for frost, no more freeze watch.

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