Thu, 31 Jan 2013 07:51:19 PST
 A couple of notes from the Treasurer, Mailing person and book distributor.

We will be mailing out post card reminders shortly for those who haven't renewed PBS membership. Why not renew today and save us the postage and effort.

If any paid member has note received the latest Bulb Garden with Angelo's article on  Irises of Apulia,  please let me know.  Send along mailing address and I'll send a replacement.

And  last but not least we a number of copies of Graham Duncan's book, Grow Bulbs available to US members only.  Cost is $45.00 which includes shipping and packing.  Overseas postage costs make this impossible to our non US members.

Thanks for all the touching notes and cards that come along with BX and dues payments.


Send me a private note, please to

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