Name Changes in Massonia

Alan Horstmann
Wed, 16 Jan 2013 21:50:39 PST
Hello All,
I would like to back the stance that Mary-Sue has about “new”name-changes. The publication of Wetshing refers. In it Massonia pustulata as we know it has been split into 2. Massonia pustulata and Massonia longipes. Most of this based on the color of the throat of the flower, the size of the anthers and the amount of pustules on the leaves and the size of the pustules. In a comparison of character states from this publication the following can be seen :
Leaf length  : M pustulata   10 to 11.5 cm vs M longipes  9 to 12 cm.
Leaf Width  : M pustulata    12 to 13   cm vs M longipes  11 to 12 cm.
Pustules number/square cm  :  M pustulata 115 to 170  vs  M longipes 27 to 36.
Pustule diameter (mm)   : M pustulata 0.5 to 0.7  vs  M longipes  1.1.
Perigon-filament-tube length (mm)  :  M pustulata  12 to 15  vs  M longipes  10 to 12
Perigon-filament-tube width  (mm)  :  M pustulata   5 to 9    vs  M longipes  5
Filament-tube/apex of perigon-filament-tube color :  M pustulata bluish-green  vs  M longipes  pink to light pink.
Filament length (mm) :  M pustulata 16 to 17  vs  M longipes  15 to 17
Anther length  (mm)  :   M pustulata  3   vs  M longipes  1 to 2
Anther color  :  Yellow for both M pustulata and M longipes
I got this information from Tab02.pdf
Alan Horstmann
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