Leftover seeds Q: and Idea

Gastil marygastil@yahoo.com
Sat, 12 Jan 2013 08:28:20 PST
What a fantastic idea Paige!
I like the idea of using the seed in experiments.
It sounds like not much seed is left over though.
And there may be a process of selection whereby the most ordinary seed is left over and the rare seed long gone.
Reading "Seed that was harvested one year ago or less is priced at $1.25/pkt" might imply that seed collected in previous years is rolled-over into the next year's sale. (Dell is that the process?) Even if seed did exceed its viable shelf life (even in cool, dry conditions) it could still be photographed.
But the New Years Sale seed does not carry as much provenance information as the usual BX. For me that information is a welcome bonus but for scientists it is a requirement. In fact I think they primarily use wild-origin seed with detailed provenance.
So leftover seed might not be appropriate for genetic studies. But it could still be valuable for germination tests... or tests of growing media for seedlings.

Nice to hear that PBS trades with SIGNA.

- Gastil
Surrounded by trays of seed pots brought indoors due to a freeze alert. The tiny shoots are so cute!

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