2012 Images Added to the Edgewood Gardens Web Site - Asphodelus acaulis

John T Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Sun, 13 Jan 2013 06:28:46 PST

My Asphodelus acaulis came from Jane a few years ago.  It spent the first 3
or 4 years in a pot in the greenhouse and did very well, after repotting it
at least once it ended up in a 9" pot.  I decided to put it outside 3 years
ago and found 4 huge crowns in the pot when I knocked it out.  As Jane saw,
one is against the house foundation in a south facing sand bed, one is
against the garage wall with a similar aspect, and two are in the open
garden, tucked up with rocks to their north side in sand beds.  They all
seem to be doing really well.  The foliage is tighter than in a pot and, as
Jane says, the flowers are incomparable and very charming over quite a long

It is one of the relatively few plants I would not want to be without.



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> It looks from the photos like John Lonsdale is growing his Asphodelus
> acaulis near a building foundation? I haven't tried it in the open yet,
> but since being released from its mesh pot last spring it has grown fast
> and I should have a spare crown to play with next summer.
> This is a wonderful low plant producing many flowers of an unusual warm
> pink color in late winter. The foliage, though profuse, is not long or
> messy.

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