Seriously Facebook

Kelly O'Neill
Wed, 23 Jan 2013 10:43:56 PST
> I personally would like to see photos, but not sure that a Facebook Group is
> the answer - the reason is notifications....
> I don't need more emails, and if I choose to not get notifications, I would
> probably forget to check the Group for images.

Turn off email notification and you still can tell if you have missed new posts. On your 
"home" page, all your groups show the number of posts since you last visited in the left 
margin. I don't go to the "Home" page much as it is the place your news-feed flows into 
and has way too much info to spend time on once you have a lot of friends. If anyone is 
bored, it can help with that tho. :-)
I support the use of a FB page or group (there are various options). I do think FB is a 
bad company and hate supporting them. I do though. I have various pages for my own 
projects. It is so easy to do things like give notice of events and such. I agree loss of 
Photo rights to FB is scandalous. If you care about a photo, don't upload a hi quality 
version to them (at least). And, put the copyright image on it so they only own one like 
that :-).

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