Gladiolus information

Jim McKenney
Mon, 14 Jan 2013 10:11:52 PST
Paul asked about Gladiolus brenchleyensis. 

John Weathers, The Bulb Book, 1911,gives this information: "This brilliant scarlet Gladiolus was raised about the year 1848, at Brenchley, by Mr Hooker, and is practically a form of G. gandavensis. It, however, retains its character so well and is so unlike the usual types of G. gandavensis, which have the blood of more than two species in them, that it may well receive separate mention. The flower-spikes, which appear before those of G. gandavensis, are not nearly so heavy, and support them selves naturally very well without stakes. " 

The Gladiolus gandavensis mentioned is a hybrid group which emerged about a decade before G. brenchleyensis.

Jim McKenney
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