The Bulb Garden

Jane Merryman
Tue, 01 Jan 2013 15:06:56 PST
The latest issue of The Bulb Garden is in the mail.

Read about Coral Gems, /Bessera/ and /Anomatheca/ species that bring an 
exciting new color to the garden, described by Erle Nickel. Then learn 
from Angelo Porcelli about the irises that grow in the "heel of Italy." 
Concerned about storage of your bulbs over the summer? You'll be 
interested in the advice we have gathered from a discussion of this 
subject that appeared onthe list. And, have you ever thought of bulbs as 
carniverous? Emilie Pulver reviews a book about these insect-eating plants.

I'm now looking for contributions for the Spring issue, deadline 
February. Contact me at

Jane Merryman
editor, The Bulb Garden

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