Photo use (was Facebook)

Diane Whitehead
Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:24:54 PST
On 22-Jan-13, at 8:54 AM, Boyce Tankersley wrote:

> Type in just about any plant name into a Google Search and then  
> count the
> number of inaccurate images that crop up on the first page (my quick  
> and
> dirty survey found about 40% of the images are inaccurate but it  
> varies
> widely).

The reason so many wrong photos show on a Google search is that the  
search is done on text. If there is no photo of the plant you are  
searching for, but its name occurs within a certain distance of some  
other photo, then that wrong photo will be shown.

The way to ensure that you are seeing a correct photo is to click on  
it so that you go to the site and do a bit of reading.  It then should  
be obvious whether the photo is actually connected with the searched- 
for name, or just an innocent bystander.

Diane Whitehead

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