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Matt Mattus
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 17:28:35 PST
You can't do anything with the PBS Facebook PAGE is probably because it is
only 'page', and not a 'GROUP'. A Facebook group will require a hosting
moderator, who can approve members on a case-be-case method.
 Once you have a group, any group member who is active and approved can post
a photo to it.

I belong to a few such groups for plant people, and I manage one as well.
You would be surprised who participates in these groups. It can get
difficult to manage such groups, as quickly, one is bombarded with people
who want to become a member - but is that a bad thing for the FB side of the

I too think that this discussion ( and fear of Facebook) is silly.

As for photos being 'searched' and 'stolen' - I too think this is an antique
fear. Look -it's no longer 1995, today with digital photography, everyone
has photos, and any Google search for a bulb will still bring up the Wiki
images ( which you should continue). A facebook group would be a terrific wa
for many of us to not only read notes, but to also see photos at the same

As for photo fear...really? Who would really want a photo of a Massonia
pustulata besides us? Or someone who should be in this group? No one sells
photos anymore, and no  one pays for the use of photos anymore. In a world
of Instagram and Twitter, photos should be our greatest asset.

I file this fear in the same bucket as those who still place those annoying
© copyright lines ghosted over their images. Crazy.

On 1/21/13 5:49 PM, "Ina" <> wrote:

> So the page is there. But there is no way to do anything except look at
> it and like it.  How can it be made to be useful?
> Ina
> Ina Crossley
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> On 22/01/2013 11:31 a.m., Steve Marak wrote:
>> Neither slings nor arrows here, Jim.
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