Massonia Wiki

Dietrich Müller-Doblies
Wed, 16 Jan 2013 11:16:52 PST
Dear Nhu,
what an increase in the Massonia Wiki!
Gottfried informed me, that you included Massonia sempervirens on the 
Massonia Wiki page.
May I note, that you got something wrong as to M. pustulata Jacq. with 
your many additional photos.
Jacq. was born in Leyden, hence the Dutch form Nicolaas of his Christian 
name in Brummitt & Powell, Authors of Plant Names (1992) and probably in 
IPNI, which is temporarily unavailable. In his publications he used the 
Latin form of his first given name: Nicolaus Joseph.
The only true M. pustulata Jacq. among the 13 M. pustulata photos of the 
Massonia Wiki is Cameron's plant from Napier. All the 12 other M. 
pustulata photos are M. longipes, as proposed for Cameron's last photo 
from Agulhas (or are something else, without a locality safe 
identifications are hardly possible). Are your last three photos all 
from the Overberg region or the southern Cape or are Massonia pustulata 
'Loeriesfontein' among them?
Do you have the paper by Wolfgang Wetschnig et al. STAPFIA 97 
(2012):210--221 at hand?
Best wishes for the progres of your Diss.

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