Seriously Facebook

James Waddick
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 13:14:07 PST
Dear PBSers,
	I find this Facebook discussion totally inane.

	1. There already is a FB PBS page - a place holder pages when PBS turns up in member's like notation and it includes a number of active PBS members. Been there over a year.

	2. Comparing FB to PBS or the wiki is worse than apples to oranges - more like rock, paper and scissors.

	3. There are already numerous bulb oriented groups on FB (and Yahoo and other social networks) that know little or nothing of PBS.

	4. Back in the dark ages when I was interim President, of PBS I suggest PBS take over the place holder setting' on FB and use FB as an intro to PBS and more serious bulb discussion. I was roundly and rudely put down.
	5. I suggest that PBS does take on ownership of the FB page and manage it intelligently to encourage the casual fleeting FB discussions and urge potentially more serious individuals to consider joining our PBS group.  The two groups should not be in conflict. PBS and further PBS would benefit from similar interactions with other FB bulb pages and web groups. I personally think that PBS needs more and wider range of members.

	6. Maintain the current high standards of PBS discussion. 

		OK let the slings and arrows begin.			Best		Jim W.

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