Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris 2012-13 Online Seed Exchange

Dennis Kramb
Sat, 26 Jan 2013 14:22:55 PST
I stumbled across SPCNI's Seed Sale by accident.  I wanted to revamp the
Aril Society website which was sorely outdated.  So my first thought was to
go look at all the other iris club websites for ideas.  That's when I found
it.  :-)  I'm planning to put ASI's seed sale online in 2013.

I really like how SIGNA opens up their seed sale to non-members after a few

I've tried PCNs several times, but never kept them going more than a year.
Maybe someday I'll get a greenhouse and be able to change all of that.....

Dennis in Cincinnati

On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 1:43 PM, Kathleen Sayce <>wrote:

> Dennis Kramb posted:
> Well, it's apparently closed for 2012... but I was really surprised to find
> out SPCNI had their own seed exchange.  The photos are jaw-dropping!
> Yes, SPCNI put its seed exchange on line in 2011 for the first time,
> thanks to work by Emma Elliott, seed chairman.
> The seed list was posted on line with ordering links, from Oct 31 to Dec
> 31, 2012.
> Future plans are to do as SIGNA does, with an initial sales period, which
> for PCI will be late fall to early winter, followed by an off season sales
> period in the balance of the winter/spring, or year round.
> I'd like to hear more from PCI growers about optimal sales periods. SPCNI
> has members all over the world, so there may be benefits in a series of
> open seed sales periods.
> My new seeds from SPCNI-SE 2012 are soaking/stratifying now, and will be
> planted in late February.
> Cheers,
> Kathleen
> Kathleen Sayce
> PNW Coast, WHZ 8, dryish cool summers & mild wet winters
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