Name Changes in Massonia

David Pilling
Sat, 19 Jan 2013 06:20:46 PST
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Nhu Nguyen <> writes
>I should also be able to accrue interest on my savings account say 100,000
>years from now if my DNA were preserved.

I've read books that suggest having DNA is not enough to recreate the 
organism, I don't recall the argument exactly, but something like you 
need an egg to put it in.

Obviously [1] the information in your head, and anything else that comes 
under nurture or environment would not be recreated.

The old joke is invest a penny for 200 years at 10% and by the miracle 
of compound interest you'll have a million pounds which by then will be 
worth nothing.

[1] physical law - causality.

David Pilling

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