Freezing bulbs: Duration vs. low temperature

Nathan Lange
Wed, 16 Jan 2013 14:03:08 PST

My nearest min/max thermometer to my Alstroemeria plants is a Taylor 
min/max approximately 20 feet away out in the open about 5.5 feet off 
the ground. It reads 32F in an ice water bath. It recorded 27F last 
night. I failed to mention before that the Alstroemeria plants in 
question are under a Liquidambar styraciflua tree near the edge of 
its canopy with about 90% of the tree's leaves still intact, with the 
lowest branches about six feet off the ground. As of 1:30 pm today, 
the Alstroemeria plants are in full sun and have yet to show any 
damage. Saturday night was the coldest night here so far this winter 
at 25F but I couldn't help but cover the plants that night.

I apologize for referring to them simply as "Alstroemeria plants" but 
most were rescued last year from Roy Sachs' old property and their 
parentage is currently in question. Some were growing in his 
greenhouse and I don't know for certain if they were there for 
protection or for winter flower production, although probably the 
latter. By the way, if anyone has any information regarding 
location/species/cultivars of any of Roy Sachs' plants on his old 
property, regardless of how vague the info might seem to you, please 
contact me privately.


At 12:49 PM 1/16/2013, you wrote:
>It would be interesting to know what type of thermometers are being 
>used to record the temperatures.   It has to be a professional 
>max/min thermometer located at the location of the plants.  I have 
>been recording temps for the weather service for years and I know 
>how important it is to record temperatures for accurate 
>reports.  When I hear reports of damage above 32 degrees I am very 
>suspect of where this thermometer is located.  Any entries on this 
>should actually included thermometer locations and their 
>accuracy.  Joe, Oceanside, CA

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