R: pbs Digest, Vol 120, Issue 49

ang.por@alice.it ang.por@alice.it
Sun, 27 Jan 2013 10:26:51 PST

Arnold and Gastil,

thanks for your suggestions. Yes, I forgot to talle it is scented. Anyway I am still in doubt, for several reasons. Both species, gracilis and recurvus are closely related, I do have a copy of Gladiolus of Southern Africa and the features of both species are very similar. I need a carefull check of all keys, also in that community pot there are several other plants ready to bloom in the next days, so I will check if they are all of the same colour, or just got an odd plant. However, I never ordered any G. recurvus from Silverhill, so I am more inclined to think at a natural colour variant of G. gracilis.
This is just one of the many funny things growing bulbs from seeds !


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