Iris coccina

Paul T.
Tue, 22 Jan 2013 16:33:20 PST
At 11:03 AM 23/01/2013, you wrote:
>Very good question.  I checked Innes's The World o the Iridaceae, which has
>a pretty thorough list of synonyms, and found no listing for I. coccina.
>Nothing for I. coccinea or I. cocina, either.

Eugene, Sean et al,

My immediate assumption on reading the original 
listing was that it was meaning Schizostylis 
coccinea (aka Hesperantha coccinea), but I wasn't 
sure if there actually WAS an Iris coccina I 
wasn't aware of (which was entirely 
possible).  Does anyone know whether the 
Schizostylis/Hesperantha coccinea is known as Iris coccinea?


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