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Eugene Zielinski
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 19:19:22 PST
I'm glad Matt brought up the difference between a Facebook Page and a
Facebook Group.  A page is your own personal megaphone.  Only you can post
a message on your page and only your approved friends can respond to it. 
(So, only the owner of the PBS page can post on it.)  In a group (open
group) only approved members can make posts, including pictures, and only
members can comment on the posts.  But non-members can view the posts.
I think a Facebook group would be of benefit to PBS.  However, I think only
members of this e mail list should be allowed to be in the Facebook Group
(and only if they want to be, of course).  This would make administration
of the group easier and (hopefully) keep the spammers out.  I see a big
advantage in being able to post, access, and discuss pictures quickly --
pictures that may not be worthy of wiki space.  And if the image is notable
for some reason, it can be moved to the wiki.
One of the reasons I love this e mail group is that it does NOT allow the
posting of images.  Images tend to make the discussion go downhill rather
quickly.  (Someone will post an image, and most of the responses will be on
the order of Ooooo...that's nice; Ooooo...pretty picture; Ooooo...I'm
jealous.  Not too informative as far as I'm concerned.)
Aside from the possible misuse of images by outsiders, I see another
problem with a Facebook Group.  Contrary to my comment above, there are
often useful discussions generated within these groups.  Thus, those who
only pay attention to the e mail list may miss out on a good Facebook
discussion and vice versa.  This may dilute the PBS, rather than enhance it.
One important thing -- the Facebook issue cannot be decided on this forum. 
It must be decided by the PBS board.
Comments and disagreements welcome.

Eugene Zielinski
Rapid City, SD

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> From: Matt Mattus <>
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> Date: 1/21/2013 6:33:10 PM
> Subject: Re: [pbs] Seriously Facebook
> You can't do anything with the PBS Facebook PAGE is probably because it is
> only 'page', and not a 'GROUP'. A Facebook group will require a hosting
> moderator, who can approve members on a case-be-case method.
>  Once you have a group, any group member who is active and approved can
> a photo to it...
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