Impatiens flanaganae

Aad van Beek
Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:49:34 PDT
 About 20 years ago I've grown this plant for about 6 years. It would stay outside from early june till end of september in a spot where it was getting direct sunlight till 11 am. In Holland in july and august temperatures are normally in 20-28C (68-84F) and occasionally can get up to 33C (92F) only for short periods of time. It seems at the moment Holland is facing such a hot period. The plant was watered regularly and did grow well, but it bloomed sparsely from mid july till end of august. In the winter the plant was kept dry, ones all the leaves had been dropped.  It was stored on the attic at 5C (40F) in a very dark spot. Usually  started watering again mid march.

From a hot and sweaty Paramaribo

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