a visit to Plant Delights

Nicholas plummer nickplummer@gmail.com
Sat, 13 Jul 2013 09:20:39 PDT
I swung by Plant Delights this morning, because they are having their
Summer Open House and I wanted to buy some Crinums.  There were some very
impressive Crinum 'Super Ellen' blooming in the garden.  Among other
things, I picked up a Scadoxus multiflorus in bud.  The tag says "var.
katherinae," but the inflorescence is quite short and the plants seem to
bloom hysteranthously.  Would that not make it var. multiflorus?

I was interested to see that PDN has a new crop of baby Amorphophallus
titanum.  I almost succumbed to temptation, but in the end I decided that
half my greenhouse was too much to dedicate to a single plant!

Durham, NC
Zone 7

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