Amaryllis belladonna blooming project - year 3

Michael Mace
Mon, 29 Jul 2013 09:57:52 PDT
Gastil wrote:

> I wonder if the small thundershower the week before which dropped 0.06
inches rain might have been the trigger.

The Amaryllis here are also starting to bloom, several weeks early.

In our area this summer we had two several-day waves of hot humid weather,
with a bit of very light rainfall, that could have been the trigger. I joked
at one point that I felt like I was living in Washington, DC again.

We've also had thunderstorms in other summers that didn't produce early
blooms. In some cases they dropped a lot more rain, with no impact on bloom
time. But usually they blew through very quickly, with no extended change in
overall temperatures. The difference this time was that we had several days
of unusually muggy weather, with heat that persisted through the night. I
wonder if maybe it's the humidity and warm overnight temps that made the
difference, rather than the actual rainfall.

Nhu, I'm very glad you're doing this project. The results should be

San Jose, CA

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