Dietes robinsoniana source

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 30 Jul 2013 06:36:36 PDT
I love this flower!  But I'm surprised that this person from Australia
can't find it in Australia.  Half of the Google results for this plant are
Australian websites (including nurseries).  I have the impression it's a
common plant in the trade there.  I sure found plenty of nurseries offering
it for sale when I did a quick search.

On rare occasion SIGNA has offered seed of this species.  Several years ago
I noticed seed was available from SIGNA's "old seed" discounted section.  I
bought all of them, but sadly they were no longer viable.  I didn't get any
germination.  I watch for it every time the SIGNA list comes out, but it
hasn't appeared in at least 5 years now.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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