J. Denys Bourque jdbourq@yahoo.co.uk
Thu, 04 Jul 2013 05:46:46 PDT
Hi All,
I was thinking to crush the pumice stones I kept when our outdoor b-b-q went bust, and spreading the ground material around my hostas.  Might there be any risk of doing so?  I don't want to burn my plants.  Grateful for any advice or insight.

J. Denys Bourque
Saint-Jacques, NB   CANADA

> From: Ina Crossley <klazina1@gmail.com>
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>Sent: Thursday, July 4, 2013 5:23:04 AM
>Subject: [pbs] washing pumice
>So far have sorted out this method of washing pumice.  Is there a better 
>way to wash a bigger     quantity at a time?  Not commercial quantities 
>but a sack full at a time.
>I used shade cloth in a wire frame work.  Will have to peg the cloth 
>down next time.
>Ina Crossley
>Auckland New Zealand zone 10a
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