Amoreuxia in the Netherlands

Leo A. Martin
Sun, 21 Jul 2013 11:37:05 PDT
Aad van Beek wrote a message to the list (Thu, 30 Aug 2012 12:23:52 PDT):

> I got the seeds today.
> Do they need to be potted right away in such
> large pots as it is only 22 C over-here and
> certainly in the winter they will be on the
> attic with modest light at 5 C
> Aad van Beek
> Groningen, The Netherlands

Sorry, I didn't see your message last year or I would have replied. I just found it now
when I searched the archives for Amoreuxia.

I used the large pots because I planned on keeping small colonies in them for years.
Amoreuxia grows a root like a carrot, so the pot needs to be deep. They grow in cracks
between rocks so I think the pot can be very narrow. If I went nuts for them and had to
have a huge collection I might consider growing them in lengths of 2" / 5cm diameter PVC
irrigation pipe stood on end.

They go completely dormant in fall. The tops die. They can be kept without water; I
would think in the dark would be fine.

And mine tolerated winter temperatures into the mid teens F or -9C while dormant and dry
(I think.) This is probably colder than they would get in habitat.

Leo Martin

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