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Russell Stafford, Odyssey Bulbs russell@odysseybulbs.com
Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:33:42 PDT
Mark's plant is one of my seedlings, grown from seed received as 
Melanthium latifolium.  I agree that it appears to be 
virginicum.  Mine haven't flowered yet -- they're still in pots.


At 06:24 PM 7/10/2013, you wrote:
>Is that correctly identified? It looks suspiciously like virginicum 
>which should be flowering now and is too early for latifolium which 
>is not yet in flower here yet in the wild.
>I have smelled parviflorum and woodii as well and they 
>have  distinctly  putrid marine water smell. Your description of the 
>fragance is much how I would describe for virginicum; cloyingly 
>sweet, but with undertones of urine and cow dung with a tendency to 
>produce mild headaches.
>  Aaron
>  E Tennessee

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