Iris reticulata

David Pilling
Sun, 14 Jul 2013 05:02:21 PDT

In message <05b201ce8034$a8e556a0$fab003e0$>, Colleen
<> writes
>I'm wondering why only get some messages.  I am glad Jane kept part of
>Cheryl's message because I never got it.  Are others having this problem?

The message Jane posted came from the contact form on the PBS website -
a private message to Jane - that is why you didn't see it.

The contact form gets general messages, which would be more appropriate
for this list, sometimes forwarding here is the best option.

Regarding Iris reticulata, the PBS wiki has a sources page with custom
search engine for bulbs/seeds, which answers the common "where do I get
X" question:…

Colleen, I am interested if you are not getting all messages. I've
checked your bounce score and you are not bouncing (i.e. returning them
to the list as undeliverable). Spam filtering is the most likely reason
for losing messages - check wherever your email system sends things it
thinks are spam.

The web archive of list postings:

allows you to check off which postings you have received and which not.

There are ways of telling your email system things are not spam, someone
told me adding the sender to your address book works on some systems
(AOL) - think along these lines.

Further discussion should be by private email...

David Pilling

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