Cyclamen Potting Medium

Matt Mattus
Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:00:44 PDT
Robin, Thanks for the advice! I was beginning to worry as I didn't hear back
from anyone~!
I had been following the advice of John Lonsdale, as he has similar
conditions as I do, since he is in eastern PA and I am in Massachusetts.
However, he uses a mixture of Biocomp ( composted peanut hulls and potting
mix) along with perlite), but I find that this drys out too quickly, even in
the winter.

I am planning to repot this weekend using the Cyclamen society's advice to
use 50% composted bark mulch ( which I have a lot of) and then adding 25%
perlite and 25% promix. Adjusting the recipe with composted, shredded pine
needles for the C. graecum, and perhaps sand for some other species.

I really respect your advice, Robin, as you have about as much experience
and anyone I know with the genus.

I grow my cyclamen in a raised sand bed in a glass greenhouse, which is
covered with shade cloth in the summer. I do keep the sand slightly damp for
the C. graecum, as the roots do extend down into the sand, but I must admit
that I am not a Cyclamen geek, so I do get lazy and sometimes forget to
water, fertilize, or even groom.

Matt Mattus
Zone 6
Worcester, MA 

On 7/25/13 5:16 PM, "" <>

> Matt,
> For years I've used a Eugene company's "potting mix" which consists of
> compost, fine bark, sand and pumice with the merest touch of starter
> fertilizer.  The last two years or so I have added additional pumice, so that
> the pumice makes up 1/4 to 1/3 of the mix, then add a tablespoon of bonemeal,
> stirred in.  I also make sure I don't use any larger pot size than absolutely
> n

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