Sending Seeds

Leo A. Martin
Sun, 14 Jul 2013 12:52:59 PDT
Most here know what I am about to say in this paragraph. Dell has more experience
shipping fleshy seed and small bulbs than most of us. He often uses small cardboard
boxes. Inside he uses foam peanuts and paper for cushioning. For hard dry seed Dell uses
padded envelopes.

In the past I have put fleshy seed in small (non-food) plastic zip bags cushioned with
perlite, then put them into padded envelopes. It doesn't always work.

So if the seeds are valuable, I would suggest using the small cardboard boxes. They cost
about $2-$3 US to mail.

By the way, Dell has remarked in the past that it would be nice if people returned the
mailing envelopes and boxes to him for re-use.


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