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Diane Whitehead
Wed, 24 Jul 2013 12:49:11 PDT
On 2013-07-24, at 8:01 AM, James Waddick <> wrote:

>>  Many of the pix are shown with a coin. I am not sure what this coin is ( 1 £ ?) and if so, I do not know how big a 1 £ coin is compared to a US cent , Quarter (25¢), etc. 

I dug into my sock drawer for my bags of foreign coins and it doesn't look like any of them.

However, in case it is a newer version of  £1, I compared its size with U.S. and Canadian money - slightly larger than a nickel and slightly smaller than a quarter.

One Euro is almost the same size as a quarter.

Both European coins are thicker than North American ones.

Diane Whitehead

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