Cyclamen pods

Matt Mattus
Mon, 15 Jul 2013 18:09:51 PDT
This post reminded to to go and check on my Cyclamen seed pods, which I
completely forgot about harvesting from the dry sandbed in the greenhouse. I
knew it was most likely too late, and I was correct. Every single one was
gone, thanks, most likely due to ants.

Does anyone know if mice eat the seed or even the tubers? I also noticed
that a few three year old tubers were missing from their pots ( and one very
large ( 8 inch diameter) C. hederifolium which I purchsed from Ellen Hornig
7 years ago - now rotted, as a window pane had a leak, and I fear it rotted
as the greenhouse gets very hot during the dry summer underglass.

If I were to purchase new Cyclamen, and ideas for good sources?

Matt Mattus
USDA Zone 6
Worcester, MA

On 7/15/13 11:07 AM, "Jane Merryman" <> wrote:

> Ron George writes:
> I have discovered \"nests\" of cyclamen pods under the sites where my
> flowers bloom. Do I harvest and dry them, wait to harvest and sow in
> pots in the fall, or is there another method? Regards, Ron
> Please reply to:

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