Clivia caulescens

J.E. Shields
Sat, 06 Jul 2013 05:36:00 PDT

Clivia caulescens can tolerate direct sun, since it grows out on top of the 
rocky spire known as "The Pinacles" in the South African preserves at God's 
Window.  It also can be seen  growing in the crotches of trees and 
sprawling over rocks.  I would suggest partial to light shade, although San 
Diego is probably close to the same latitude as God's Window.  One 
point:  God's Window and the Drakensberg generally get a substantial amount 
of rainfall compared to San Diego, so I would water regularly.

Generally, I would say the C. caulescens and C. nobilis can both take much 
more sunlight than miniata, gardenii, and robusta.   On the other hand, Leo 
should probably use some shade even for caulescens in Phoenix.

Jim Shields

At 11:23 PM 7/5/2013 -0700, you wrote:
>I was presented with a few young specimens of Clivia caulescens some months
>ago. While referred to in the genus introduction, there is no entry there
>for this species. It seems like a worthwhile task.
>In the meanwhile, while I am guessing the most appropriate location for it,
>can somebody advise on how its demands in the garden differ from forms of C.
>nobilis, C. miniata, etc? Thanks
>San Diego

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