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aaron floden aaron_floden@yahoo.com
Sun, 07 Jul 2013 10:31:18 PDT
 Crinum campanulatum has been fully hardy in the ground where it offset more frequently (due to a lack of water like the way some Narcissus bulbicodium types do?) It has wintered temps down to 7F with no issues even while the bulb has been submerged in the bog garden with the pot frozen in place in the non-heated 2.5 x 6 ft lined box that I grow many aquatic sedges, Alisma, Sagittaria, and other things in. The Crinum remains in place year round, the bulb sometimes flooded (covered) and sometimes just at water level (depending on rainfall). It also seems to tolerate the constant freeze/thaw that the bog garden experiences each winter.

 Maybe next year I'll be more diligent about collecting pollen. 

 How close is paludosum to campanulatum? It seems to want constant moisture to grow well, but I've still not seen flowers.

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Dear Friends,

    Aaron did post an interesting comment about the plant to flower ratio of C. bulbsipermum. Yes there is a lot of plant there, but each plant puts up multiple flowering stalks over an extended period of time. And with a limited "Crinum Palette" in a colder climate, it is well worth the space it takes for my garden. 

    More intriguing are his comments on C. campanulatum -

On Jul 7, 2013, at 7:54 AM, aaron floden wrote:
> ,,,,," maybe campanulatum should be thrown in to the mix as well? This only flowers for me if kept submerged year round in my bog garden, freezes and all. It was hardy in the ground, but never flowered without the excess water. It also has the benefit of flowering in late April to early May. "

      Aaron, by 'submerged' do you mean a pot sitting in an inch of water or with the base and bulb completely covered in water?  or something lese ?  How low was your winter minimum when this survived icing over?

    Perhaps the "Crinum Palette' is bigger than I thought. I am confident growing any 'xpowellii', C. bulbispermum and hybrids, but suddenly there are more possibilities:

    C. variable
    C. variabale x bulbispermum
    C. x herbertii
    C. campanulatum

    Any one else grow other Crinum species in Zone5 or 6 or colder?  I better start digging to accommodate all these new possibilities. 

        Best to all        Jim W. 

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