New lily bulbs wiki page

James Waddick
Wed, 24 Jul 2013 08:01:11 PDT
> The lily bulbs page on the wiki was discussed here a few months back, as
> a result of that discussion Pontus Wallsten has let us use his
> remarkable photo resource of lily bulbs to produce a new page for the
> wiki, featuring photos of the bulbs of nearly 50 species, which you can
> see here:

Dear David and Pontus,
	Thanks for adding this incredible resource. I have one complaint ; Many of the pix are shown with a coin. I am not sure what this coin is ( 1 £ ?) and if so, I do not know how big a 1 £ coin is compared to a US cent , Quarter (25¢), etc. The pix with a golf ball are actually easier to figure since the 'golf ball' is a world standard of measure (I think).

	best and thanks again.		Jim W. 

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