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Thu, 18 Jul 2013 15:02:02 PDT
I got this message last week
I can't help him but maybe one of the other members


Here the text

Tom Givnish
Hi – I'm a plant ecologist / evolutionary biologist and professor at the
University of Wisconsin, and am planning to conduct a next-generation
sequencing study of the phylogeny and evolution of lilies worldwide. I hear
that there is a possibility that you might have plants of Lilium
chitrangadae and possibly other species from India/Himalayas in
cultivation. Is that true? If so, might there be a possibility, in a coming
year, to obtain ca. 3 leaves for DNA analysis? It would be great to include
L. chitrangadae, L. mackliniae, L. sheriffiae, or L. neilgherrense in the
study! Cheers, Tom Givnish * Henry Allan Gleason Professor of Botany,
University of Wisconsin *

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