Crinum Season and hardiness... again

Leo A. Martin
Sat, 06 Jul 2013 09:31:29 PDT
Hi Dylan,

> ...I had similar experience with C. variabile years ago.
> Seedlings were never happy at any time of year and did
> not "jump" in winter with cool nights and short days,
> in spite of the climate in their place of origin being
> similar to that of Los Angeles.

They grow well here in Arizona during fall-winter-spring but only with lots of root
room. I doubt they would bloom in a container small enough for anybody to move without
power equipment. They are evergreen if kept watered year round.

At first I sprouted them, then planted into 3.25" / 8cm plastic containers. They would
make a leaf or two and stop growing. Then I started moving new sprouts to 1 gallon /
3.7l nursery containers. They grow a little more, to perhaps golf ball size, then stop
growing. At this point I put some in a 24" / 61cm diameter and deep container. They grew
a little more and stopped growing. I also tried setting the containers in my pond. This
didn't change things at all. I haven't tried them in the ground yet because I don't have
a dog-proof area now.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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