Cyclamen Potting Medium

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Thu, 25 Jul 2013 20:22:36 PDT
Wow!   Interesting  about that potting mix, Robin. I avoid bark in ANY mix,
like the plague.    I find, it's great for drainage in the very short term,
but when it starts to decompose,  it invites Phytopthera  lickity split.
I know you're a pro at Cyclamen, so I'm sure it works for you.   Mixes  not
only depend on ingredients but the skill and habits of the grower.   For
instance , a heavy waterer would definitely need a super drained soil.
I know of a grower who uses nearly pure sand, and repot his plants right
away , as i know i can have better control over my own mix.
Just sayin.

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> Matt,
> For years I've used a Eugene company's "potting mix" which consists of
> compost, fine bark, sand and pumice with the merest touch of starter
> fertilizer.  The last two years or so I have added additional pumice, so
> that the pumice makes up 1/4 to 1/3 of the mix, then add a tablespoon of
> bonemeal, stirred in.  I also make sure I don't use any larger pot size
> than absolutely necessary.
> The other consideration I give is to where in my shade house or canyard I
> place the cyclamen.  Purpurascens, parvifolium and repandum go to the
> shadier end, as do balearicum, cyprium and libanoticum.  Graecum goes out
> in full sun, even in pots, and persicum and africanum are on the sunniest
> end of the shade house, where at times in the summer they receive brief
> full sun, since the end of the house is open in the summer and has no end
> shade cloth.
> Just keep in mind that I'm on the southwest coast of Oregon a mile and a
> half in from the beach, with summer fogs and lots of wind.  Although this
> summer, we have been decidedly warmer on a day-to-day basis.  Watering has
> to be watched carefully with this free-draining mix and I will often
> "swipe" the containers when dormant almost daily.  In other words, they
> receive a bit of moisture but definitely not a soaking.
> Robin Hansen
> Hansen Nursery
> Southwestern Oregon Coast, USA
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