BX340 Boophone and others

Tim Harvey zigur@hotmail.com
Wed, 03 Jul 2013 13:46:50 PDT
I think it depends a lot on when Christian got the bulbs. Unless it was prior to 2009, I would be skeptical they were from Aus. In addition, the road from Aus south was re-graded, resulting in the loss through scraping-off of many plants (though, miraculously, some re-sprouted).


The name Boophone ernestii-ruschii has been expunged from the databases - I can only presume it wasn't valid in the first place, which leaves a bit of a vacuum.



> Hmm - I am pretty sure Paul Christian also got his sp Aus bulbs from Charles Craib. Unless there was some mistake on Paul's part (since I trust Charle's identification), I am more confident in thinking the sp Aus I got from rareplants is the same as those previously offered.
> As for ernestii-ruschii, it's considered to be haemanthoides now. That said, I'd really like more clarification regarding the various Boophone strains, ranges, and habits - but I don't think a molecular genetically-minded grad student has decided to focus on the genus yet.
> -|<ipp

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