lily germ pics

Thu, 14 Mar 2013 20:36:47 PDT

 This are Lilium canadense seeds in the first stage of germination. It is a delayed hypogeal species and has been in warm stratification (69 deg F) for 30 days as have the others. 

Another delayed hypogeal species, Lilium michiganense, with exactly the same timing in warm strat as above. The bulb like structures at this stage of germination is interesting to watch.

This species, Lilium philladelphicum, appears to be putting out a radicle rather than the bulb like structures above.

I've been checking these seeds in warm stratification every 7 days. I'll hold them in warm strat for another week at slightly cooler temperatures, then move to cold and watch carefully for 3 months. If the root continues to develop I'll plant in a container and hold in cool conditions until they begin to emerge. 


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