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Chernobyl? Maybe they lived there for a while because they had nowhere to 
go. It is a deserted place now. I watched a special on one of the channels 
in Canada a couple of years ago. Cannot remember the exact title but it was 
about the scientists monitoring the wolf population that moved in. There 
were a lot of other topics touched upon too. Never mind the "Life After 
People" speculations on the History Channel. This is real! Eagles nesting in 
the high-rises, moose bones and boletus mushrooms registering high on the 
Geiger. The wolves though, seemed healthy enough. No birth defects noted. We 
do not know much  about how resilient nature is!!. On the other hand look at 
the problems with pollution in China. It must be an eye opener for the 
population. Does the government care, though?
I live in the country, about 30 miles north of Toronto and we get smog from 
the industrialized  East and the Midwest all the time on hot days. Yet, when 
I have to go to Toronto on such a day I feel the difference.

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Excellent points. I had not considered this. Now I will. Read it in the nick 
of time, too.

There will always be gardeners who shrug off pesticides. I had a babysitter 
from Eastern Europe who told me about cities she could not visit for more 
than a day because they were so polluted. Didn't people continue to live in 
Chernobyl?  Given the choice, I'd rather not.  I'll take my seeds, too, 
chemical free, thankyou.

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>this is an interesting article about what to consider when choosing a seed 
>tsuh yang

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