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>pedicels. All of this gets more complicated since sellers often use
>photos they find on the Internet to illustrate plants they are
>selling rather than photograph their own plants.

Someone recently told me about:


which will let you search the web for similar images.

Instructions here:


If you're looking at the photos on a bulb or seed sellers site you can
use this image search to locate other sites with the same photo.

On one level it lets you find other vendors of a product - large seed
growers give their retailers standard photos to promote their products.

Another level is that it lets you see if a seller is using their own
photo or one from off the inernet. It is not conclusive but someone
using a wiki commons photo to sell seed night be less worthy than
someone with their own photo.

Someone using a photo obviously without permission - perhaps from a
rival - might be thought  less trustworthy.

Another use is identifying your unknown plants - don't expect too much
but it does work sometimes.

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