Sinningia hirsuta
Thu, 05 Sep 2013 13:53:30 PDT
The Gesneriad Society lists PBS on their website as a source/interest group. They are a good bunch of people. And  Gesneriaceae is a fascinating and rewarding family.


From: Dennis Kramb
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To: Pacific Bulb Society

The flower is slightly smaller than an African violet... perhaps 1.5cm
across?  but it's also very tubular.

I acquired the seeds from The Gesneriad Society seed fund.…

Another good source is BrazilPlants.Com but it's pricey.  Most of the Ges.
Soc. material originates from BrazilPlants.Com.

Gesneriads are addictive because many of them stay small, grow quickly from
seed, and can bloom within 6 to 9 months of sowing.  Probably the most
unfortunate thing is that most species lack fragrance.  And many species
require terrarium culture with high humidity to thrive.  Surprisingly many
are cold hardy to Zone 8.  A rare few are hardy to Zone 6.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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