Boophone sp Aus in BX 346

Kipp McMichael
Tue, 17 Sep 2013 11:14:52 PDT

  I was busy this weekend and did not see the BX until it was over. 

  The Boophone seeds from are not from Australia but named after Aus in Namibia. Several of you may be familar with the story from prior exchanges, but for those who aren't:

  Around 9 years ago, specimen bulbs of "Boophone sp Aus" were offered by Guy Wrinkle and other rare bulb purveyors. As far as I can ascertain (the two prinicipals now being sadly departed), these bulbs ultimately originated with Charles Craib. These original specimens were said to be from Aus, Namibia.

  Around 6 years ago, began offering bulbs listed as juvenile Boophone sp Aus. The description, however, was as follows: "A new and as yet un-named species or form, once known only from near Aus in Namibia, but also discovered in a small region of southern S. Africa."

  I have confirmed that rareplants received these bulbs from Charles Craib. Barring confusion on rareplants part, I tend to trust Charles Craib's identification - though I do acknowledge a disjunct distribution in Aus and  "southern South Africa" would be unusual.

  I bought 3 of those bulbs and the seed offered in BX 346 are from these 3 plants which all bloomed this year.

  I also have 3 Boophone sp bulbs offered by Charles Craib/Simply Indigenous as "eastern Cape evergreen form" which some have speculated may be the same as the southern South African bulbs purported to be sp Aus. The "evergreen" bulbs do bloom about the same time as the sp. Aus bulbs (and with a similar pink color), but the foliage of the evergreen sp is greener and more pliant - even when they were grown in the same positions. The sp Aus bulbs have tighter fans of blue leaves. I highlight the differences here, but this is all within the context of bulbs from a genus whose species are very similar.

  So there is the long story about these Boophone "sp. Aus" seeds.



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