Scadoxus nutans

Bruce Schroder
Sun, 15 Sep 2013 04:59:11 PDT
Home is Melbourne, Australia.
I have a couple of small seedlings of S nutans, each with a single leaf. I
received the seed earlier this year from the US and it germinated
immediately but I am a bit confused as to when its growing season actually
is in the southern hemisphere.
S pole-evansii seed received from Silverhill in Autumn germinated
immediately but have only formed small bulbils - I presume they will start
to grow shortly as their growing season is over spring summer here. Mature
plants are currently dormant. Similarly, S membranaceus seed sown at about
the same time germinated immediately forming small bilbils which look like
they are about to shoot. Mature plants of S puniceus have come out of
dormancy and are only days away from flowering whilst S multiflorus doesn't
go completely dormant but flowers regularly for me in Summer.
So, is anyone growing S nutans in the southern hemisphere and can help me
with my dilemma!

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