dissemination mechanism?

Richard richrd@nas.com
Fri, 20 Sep 2013 00:05:52 PDT
Been looking at Lilium washingtonianum at northern limit of range in Oregon. A very robust plant growing often in bare road cuts, ie sub soil and dry habitat, in this area 4000 feet elevation or close. Encroaching vegetation is Alnus sinuata another pioneer plant eventually young conifers, and other shrubs. Of 5 sightings one was in established conifer community. Is this lily and other L. spp pioneer species? Query relates to restoration efforts.


seed pod up close - very nice, large seeds in this species. Seeds seem to shed with shaking by wind or passing botanists. These flat lily seeds seem adapted to sticking to ground and not passing animals. Although wet adhere to skin and fur (inside of my damp collecting bag). Any information about natural dissemination mechanisms? The genus out here seems to have a contagious distribution, growing in clustered populations especially at forest edges, even trails.


In flower


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