3 Yellow Lyroris

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None of our purported crosses have flowered yet.

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Have you had any additional success producing intergeneric crosses with Lycoris species?


At 02:36 PM 9/11/2013, you wrote:
>Lycoris aurea is hardy here for us, and has been so for well over a 
>decade, probably only experiencing a low of 6 degrees F.  While I would 
>agree that it won't go further north, I certainly wouldn't
>term the leaves frost-sensitive in our garden experience.   Other 
>forms of L. aurea have been less winter hardy.
>Tony Avent
>Plant Delights Nursery @
>Juniper Level Botanic Gardens
>9241 Sauls Road
>Raleigh, North Carolina  27603  USA
>Minimum Winter Temps 0-5 F
>Maximum Summer Temps 95-105F
>USDA Hardiness Zone 7b
>email tony@plantdelights.com
>website  http://www.plantdelights.com/
>phone 919 772-4794
>fax  919 772-4752
>"I consider every plant hardy until I have killed it myself...at least 
>three times" - Avent
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>Dear Jim McK and all,
>         The Yellow flowering Lycoris tend to be very mixed up in 
> commerce. I think this is because less than fully knowledgeable 
> growers and gardeners tend to call every yellow Lycoris  "L. aurea"
> as it is an 'obvious' name.
>Here's a clue to the more common yellow Lycoris
>         L. chinensis    Leaves produced in Spring. Plants are fully 
> hardy to Zone 5 maybe colder. Stamens barely exceed petals. Easy and 
> increasingly common.
>         L. aurea. Leaves produced in fall, but the largest by far of 
> all Lycoris species to 3 ft long and 1 inch wide. Very succulent and 
> totally frost sensitive. May succeed in Zone 7/8 with protection 
> Stamens far exceed petals.
>         L. traubii As for L. aurea, but much small in all parts and 
> equally frost sensitive. Leaves and flowers produced a month or more 
> later than those of L. aurea.
>         These characters should define each of these 3 yellow species.
>         L aurea is best grown in very mild, frost-free climates, but 
> is not easy. L. traubii is less common than either of the other two.
>         Other yellow species are L. caldwellii, L. longituba var. 
> flava, L. anhuiensis and L. straminea only vaguely-kind of 
> straw/tan/pale yellow.
>         Hope this helps.                Jim W.
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