Scadoxus nutans

Martin Grantham
Sun, 15 Sep 2013 21:54:28 PDT
Hi Bruce,

Not to worry about S. nutans. It can be grown without a dormancy while juvenile. Just keep feeding the plants and they will progress through several growths before demanding a dormancy. Also a seed's "clock" is set in the hemisphere where it germinates, not where the seed was produced.They shouldn't skip a beat unless they experience poor growing conditions after starting out. I have grown all the species except S. cyrtanthiflorus and try to get around dormancy when possible. In my experience S. pole-evansii seems to require a full dormancy after transfer of the endosperm nutrients to the young rhizome, but with feeding during the active periods, can be brought to first flower in 3 years. S. membranaceus is another that demands a dormancy as a seedling, but is much slower to develop than S. pole-evansii and probably takes quite a few years to reach first flowering.


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