White Triteleia Question

John Wickham jwickham@sbcglobal.net
Fri, 27 Sep 2013 12:47:21 PDT
Sounds like we're all in the same neighborhood. I tried the Google search as well and the photos were confounding. I actually have all three, but of course the question didn't occur to me until they went dormant. I'll have to wait til May or June, I guess. Grateful for the insight into the seller's strategies.

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Subject: Re: [pbs] White Triteleia Question

Probably the only way you could know for sure is to grow them all and 
compare them. I looked at the photos of some of the offerings and 
they don't show the parts of the flowers that would help you figure 
out whether they could be a white form of Triteleia laxa, Triteleia 
peduncularis that someone decided to name, or Triteleia hyacinthina. 
Since all of these species show great variation in nature depending 
on where they are found and many have a broad distribution, it gets 
even more complicated. Brent and Becky's sell two of them and they 
don't tell you how tall 'Silver Queen' gets, but say that 'White 
Sweep' is a form of Triteleia laxa that grows to 24". Another web 
site says it is about 1 foot tall. So are they both selling the same 
thing? Is 'White Sweep' really a form of Triteleia laxa? One picture 
I saw of 'Silver Queen' made it look like T. peduncularis with long 
pedicels. All of this gets more complicated since sellers often use 
photos they find on the Internet to illustrate plants they are 
selling rather than photograph their own plants. I recently was 
alerted to photos of mine lifted from the wiki for Ebay and other 
sellers. It actually was a picture of an entirely different species 
than the one they were selling. If they were actually growing that 
plant and looked at the picture they were using to illustrate it, 
they would have known it was wrong.

Mary Sue

>Are T. 'Silver Queen', T. 'White Queen', and T. 'White Sweep' the 
>same or are they different. If they are different, then how?

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