International Rock Gardener 45 September 2013 ISSN 2053-7557

Youngs Aberdeen
Thu, 26 Sep 2013 16:30:34 PDT
The September issue of IRG welcomes the autumn to the northern hemisphere as spring gets into its stride in the south.
You can find the issue here :…

Two Czech Rock Gardeners in Nepal  is by Zdenek Zvolánek, with photographs by Mojmír Pavelka and Vladimír Stanek. 

For the World of Bulbs, Rogan Roth from South Africa speaks of his lifelong affection for Tigridia pavonia

Jozef Lemmens of Belgium,supplies both text and photos for the first part of his article on  Zhongdian
Zdenek Zvolánek introduces the recently described  Campanula hacerae.


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