ds429 ds429@frontier.com
Wed, 11 Sep 2013 11:09:53 PDT
I forgot to attach this comment from Jim Waddick about his BX donation of mixed Dracunculus vulgaris seed:
" Dracunculus vulgaris - mixed forms. Some have plain green foliage, most have silver chevron marks on the foliage. These clones have been hardy in the Kansas City Zone 5/6 for over a decade and bloom reliably. Sent as ripe fruits. Each fruit contains 1 or 2 seeds. To clean submerge in cool running water and mash outer skin away. Seeds should sink. Remove from water and dry on a paper towel before planting. Warning: Some people are very sensitive to chemicals in Dracunculus fruit skins so be certain to wash hands well with soap when finished cleaning and keep fingers from the mouth, nose and eyes. Normally cleaning a few seeds at a time does not irritate skin, but if you suspect you might be sensitive, were latex gloves while cleaning fruits and seeds"

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