first signs of autumn and what's blooming now

Jim McKenney
Thu, 05 Sep 2013 17:43:26 PDT
I've gotten reports of Cyclamen graecum  blooming in two Alexandria , Virginia gardens (plants growing outside all year) and also here in my Maryland garden (plants in a cold frame). These are plants distributed by John Lonsdale in 2010.

So far, the only colchicums to show signs of bloom here are C. x agrippinum Old Portland garden form and C. byzantinum. 

x Amarcrinum is blooming, as is Lycoris aurea of commerce. The latter is a cold frame plant here. It produces foliage in the fall, and in a typical winter the foliage of unprotected plants is destroyed. I wish I knew the identity of this Lycoris. 

Arum pictum, which has never bloomed here,  grew very well last year. I dug the corm to remind myself to put it in a better spot. The corm has not yet been replanted, but it's sprouting. 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA ,USDA zone 7 where, as Mrs. Wilder wrote long ago, September is a summer month. 

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